Well pump repairs and installation

We are well pump experts

At Adams & Sons, we are experts in every aspect of your well pump. Properly installing the appropriate well pump is critical to consistent operation of your water well, but it is just as important to understand when a repair is the better choice. You can rely on our trained professionals to advise you as to the best options when your well pump needs attention.

Our well pump service is extensive:

  • Our certified pump installers can install constant pressure systems, large storage systems, and submersible and jet pumps.
  • We replace non-working pumps and troubleshoot malfunctioning pumps.
  • We are an authorized dealer of Grundfos and Goulds quality pumps.
  • We are a Select Authorized Dealer of Schaefer pumps.

The most common type of well pump is submersible, although there are some that are installed above ground. Hiring a professional to provide regular maintenance on either type of pump and the pump controller can not only lengthen the life of your pump, it may alert you to the need for a new one before you find yourself without water.

Our professionals are available to recommend the best type of pump for your well system and help you with maintenance. We also are experts at troubleshooting your pump system, checking for everything from a thrown breaker to a seal leak. We know you would rather replace a broken wire or adjust a pressure problem than replace your pump.

Tips for troubleshooting your well pump

  • No water could mean a bad pressure switch or a malfunctioning controller. Both can be repaired, but your controller may be inside your well pump, so call a professional.
  • Low or fluctuating pressure could mean a bad pressure tank. Don’t delay your repair, as this problem will wear out your pump prematurely.
  • Check for thrown breakers, low voltage, broken wires and seal leaks before assuming you have a bad pump. Keeping these items in good repair protects your pump motor.

Realize that your water well pump will eventually wear out. At Adams & Sons, we install only the best Grundfos, Goulds and Schaefer pumps, and provide expert advice on the best choice for you. Call us today!

We have a helpful guide that can help you determine if your well water pump might be bad or failing.

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