Water Well Drilling

Water Well Drilling in Stark County, OH

Water well drillingSo, you need a new water well. Our expertise extends to all phases of water well drilling, well cleaning and disinfecting, and installation of all equipment. We specialize in new construction and/or replacement of water wells, using either mud rotary or hollow stream auger methods. Our professionals understand that proper construction is key to premium operation and efficient maintenance of your water well.

Our step-by-step procedure begins with a detailed inspection of your property to identify gas and electrical lines and the location of your sump pump and pipes. We also determine appropriate setbacks from roadways, buildings, trees and property lines. Our check list ascertains a quality well that will give you many years of service.


Our professionals are skilled at identifying the ideal location for your water well, focusing on a place where maximum ground water is likely to be available. Once an ideal spot is marked, we confirm compliance with all local regulations, as well as ascertaining appropriate distances from neighboring wells which can compromise yield from your well.

We will drill your well at least 10 feet from structures, trees and large shrubs on your property to assure your well will maintain its integrity for many years. Our staff secures all necessary permits, as well as identifying documentation for any old wells on your property that you may not have been aware of.

Drilling your well

Bedrock is the ideal material for drilling your water well, but ground composition can vary. Our trained staff monitors the soil, rock quality and water quality throughout the drilling process, confirming a superior job from start to finish. We use only the best and latest drilling techniques, modifying our methods to best suit the soil, rock and location for your specific project. This includes installing a steel or plastic casing, or in some cases, a well screen, to assure the integrity of the well and to prevent contamination.

Completing the project

Your new well is not complete until the pump system us fully installed and operational. Our professionals fully test the yield and the water quality before finalizing your pump system and connecting it your home to assure satisfactory service for your family. Based on our test results, we will recommend an appropriate cleaning and disinfection process before clearing your well for use.

If you are scheduling construction or a move-in date around the installation of your water well, be sure to allow a couple of days for drilling and an additional day for pump installation. You also should allow an additional 24 to 48 hours for disinfection and cleaning.

Contact our professionals for more information about our drilling methods and how we can provide a quality water well for your home.

Service Area

Adams and Sons Pump Service services several areas around Stark County and surrounding areas. Some of the cities we service include:

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Our check list ascertains a quality well that will give you many years of service