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Well Abandonment and Plugging

Keep your property and family safe

Abandoned wells can lead to devastating injuries and are a serious threat to the environment. Sometimes wells become unusable. They may dry up or a property owner may opt to drill a new well because the current one is not providing the amount of water needed. Either way, if a well is no longer in use, it must be properly plugged to prevent contamination of the aquifer and for the safety of people on the property.

Know the location and condition of wells on your property. Wells with corroded and/or collapsed casings, wells in the path of new construction, abandoned wells and wells that have been adversely affected by storms should be sealed and capped. An uncapped well is dangerous to people and animals roaming your property. A well that is capped but not properly sealed can contaminate your aquifer.

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Cap and seal abandoned or damaged wells

Consider the following:

  • Contaminated groundwater from a deteriorating well can often go unnoticed until the aquifer and neighboring wells have suffered serious damage.
  • Capping a well is not enough, as the steel casing of an abandoned well will corrode and allow contaminants to seep into the ground water.
  • Older, hand-dug wells are large enough for an unsuspecting child to fall into.
  • Documentation should exist for properly abandoned and sealed wells on your property.
  • Abandoned wells on your property are your responsibility even if you did not install them or were not aware of them.

At Adam’s & Sons, our professionals can help you properly deal with wells on your property, from those abandoned but not properly sealed to those that may have reached the end of their useful life.

Seal your unused wells

Our professionals follow the guidelines established by your local government when sealing your well. This typically includes removing all equipment, cords and casing, and diverting the water away from the well. A concrete plug is then fitted over the well to prevent contaminants from seeping in, and the space over the top is backfilled. If disinfection is needed, we complete this as part of the process.

Don’t guess when it comes to abandoned wells on your property. If you are uncertain based on a lack of records or conversations with previous property owners about the possible existence of an old well, contact the trained professionals at Adam’s & Sons. We can help you locate and properly seal abandoned wells before they become a danger to you, your family and the environment.